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About Stars

Learn more about who we are, what we do, and discover what makes us a Valley’s premier youth sports program!

About Us

CCV Stars is a youth sports experience focused on developing character and integrity on and off the field. While CCV Stars is a ministry of Christ’s Church of the Valley, we invite anyone in the community to participate in our sports programs.

Our History

CCV Stars began as an outreach program with a goal to connect the church with the community through youth sports. During its inaugural season in 2004, CCV Stars had over 600 participants in the recreational soccer league, United Soccer. Since then, CCV Stars has grown to serve thousands of youth participants in many sports across the valley.

More than a game (MTAG)

At CCV Stars, we utilize a More Than A Game (MTAG) philosophy that emphasizes life skill development so that each child can win on and off the field. We want to partner with parents to further develop the character and integrity of their children based on Christian values.

MTAG Huddle Elements

At every practice, Coaches will huddle players to...

  • Distribute Challenge Card: Coaches and players will spend time each week discussing the assigned challenge.
  • Hand out Recognition Certificate(s): Recognition certificates are presented to reinforce the weekly word or the three pillars of CCV Stars (not for performance).
  • Prayer: Coaches will take prayer requests and lead the team in prayer. This also happens at games.

Three Pillars of CCV Stars

We instill Christ-based values in our youth.

We play honorable and with maximum effort.

We build authentic relationships.

Stars Locations

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