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PEORIA SPRING Basketball - INTRODUCTORY Level (4yr old-6th Grade)

Basketball is a developmental league that focuses on developing the fundamentals of basketball, learning the rules and strategies of the game, making friends, and having fun.

Parent Information Meeting: Saturday 2/2, 10am at CCV Peoria Auditorium (1000)

For Details & Registration please click the appropriate division for the 2018-2019 school year:

**WAIT LIST**   Pre-K (4yr old)-Kindergarten - INTRODUCTORY   **WAIT LIST**

**WAIT LIST**   1st-2nd Grade- INTRODUCTORY   **WAIT LIST**

**WAIT LIST**   3rd-4th Grade - INTRODUCTORY   **WAIT LIST**

**WAIT LIST**   5th-6th Grade - INTRODUCTORY   **WAIT LIST**

Peoria Campus

(623) 298-2923

CCV Peoria Dome


A parent/family login is now required for registration to make the process quicker and smoother in future registrations. Parents will need to login and then select their CHILD/PLAYER'S name from the drop down menu.

Please click here for login instructions if needed.